Getting Venture Capital from Actual Consumers

Everyone out there has some idea that they think is going to be the next big hit. The difference is now it’s much easier to act upon these idea’s in today’s tech based world even in a struggling economy. Enter Kickstarter, a website with one goal. Get you money from actual consumers that like your idea/product so you can get it off the ground.

The reason I am writing about this is because of the shear amount of amazing products that I have found and helped support through Kickstarter. If you have 5 minutes take some time to browse though the catalog of Kickstarter project’s and if you find one that is interesting watch the video. I bet eventually you will find at least one idea that interests you.

Kickstarter Project’s I have helped support include

Another similar site to check out is Quirky. While Kickstarter is more open ended Quirky really helps out the inventory with design & production issues. It’s also home to the PowerCurl which I helped support.