Rescue Me - The Final Season

This week was the 7th and final season premier of Rescue Me on FX. While I didn’t start following the show back in 2004 when it premiered I got hooked after watching just a few episodes (from the 5th season) while channel surfing. I quickly realzied that I needed the rest of the back story and added the first 5 seasons to my Amazon wish list and slowly started picking them off. There are many TV show’s out there that I have wasted my time playing catch up just to be let down in the next season but the cast, and writers, of Rescue Me set the bar during season 1 and just kept rasing it.

On one hand you have the crazy, funny, and usually ranchy humor of Dennis Leary who not only stars in the show but writes in a majority of the episodes. While this may turn off some viewers let me be clear, it’s not a hour long showcase of Leary and his comedy. There is a genuinely great story line to this show that has sprinkels of Leary’s standup comedy style all throughout the show.

After watching the season premier I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the viewers in this final season.