Making Code Snippets Fun Again

Every programmer has their place to get code. Sometimes it’s just a simple Google search a away or maybe a you dive into your old projects to try and remember how you solved a particular problem last time. There have been programs and sites in the past that I have tried to use but none of them really seemed useful. Then a friend pointed me to KodeNode.

KodeNode acts much like RosettaCode but seems to be a much nicer experience. You find a node, or snippet, of code that interests you. It could be as simple as swapping variable values to something more complex like recursive factorials and then you respond to it either in the same language with a better solution or in another language of your choice. This creates an arc between the two nodes (snippets) and they are linked. Find a snippet that you would like someone to translate into another language? Then put our a bounty on it and ask any user to offer a solution.

KodeNode is currently in private beta but all you have to do is email them to get an invite. Even during the beta period I can see that this site could be a lot of fun.