You use Microsoft Hardware on your Mac?

You use Microsoft Hardware on your Mac?

You bet your ass I do. (Spoiler: I also use Microsoft software on my Mac)

Most people don’t know that one of the world’s largest software companies is actually really great at building hardware too. And this is not a new thing in the last few years. The first Microsoft mouse, the Intellimouse, was released in the late 90’s and since then they have set quite a standard for both keyboards and mice.

I recently did some cleaning in my home office and found a better way to setup my desk which allowed me some extra room for a new/bigger keyboard and mouse. I started using an ergonomic keyboard a few months ago so I started looking into them a bit more. I usually don’t buy the top of the line stuff just because it is the most expensive but the reviews that I found on the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop were extremely positive so I figured I would give it a shot.

Side Note: I have always had issues with using a Windows based keyboard on a Mac due to the Window vs Command key placement. While reading a review of the keyboard from Marco Arment he mentioned a simple way to swap the option and command key’s via System Preferences. What a difference this makes.

While I am still new to ergonomic keyboards and thought that it would hamper my typing speed, this Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard hasn’t tripped me up at all. I feel like I type around the same speed (and with the same number of typos) as my regular laptop keyboard which I have used for 3+ years. Between this and the comfort of the new mouse I can’t see myself using another mouse/keyboard combination for quite a while.

I know that ergonomic keyboards are not for everyone, that’s fine. But next time you need a new mouse or keyboard go take a look at the Microsoft offering. I don’t think your going to be disappointed.