Learning How Social Media Is Used In The Daily News

Learning How Social Media Is Used In The Daily News

Most people watch the news (in some way shape or form) everyday. More and more we see contributions coming from online sources and social media and think nothing of it. I know I do, it’s just a way of life now. But late last week I had quite an experience with a picture and a “Breaking News” story.

While walking through Chicago Union Station to catch my train home I came around the corner to find that a pipe had burst right near the entrance to my track and there was standing water in a heavy use area of the southbound tracks. Not wanting to miss my train I got in line to make my way through the water and while doing so decided to pull out my phone and snap a picture of the waterfall I was currently witnessing. After making onto the train I posted this tweet.

I thought it was a cool picture (especially since I shot it while walking) and a few people would get a kick seeing it. I put my headphones on and settled in for my 30 minute commute thinking not much more about the picture, post, or story.

Shortly after getting off the train and into the car I got a tweet back to me asking if the photo I posted could be used with my permission. I thought it was an odd request so I looked into the user that was requesting the permission and found out it was a Field Producer for ABC7 Chicago. How cool, I thought. I gave her permission and put my phone when back in my pocket. That’s when everything took off.

Within an hour I had requests from producers of 5 different networks asking for permission to use my post and photo and in time for the 6PM nightly news cycle (Also one radio station an hour after that).

Everyone was very polite and did ask for permission before using anything posted by me. I’m sure at this point all news organizations have policies for how to use and credit online sources but it was nice to see this in action and be a part of it. On top of that my name and photo was featured on 2 live broadcasts and multiple online postings which I have to admit was pretty damn cool.

ABC – Tweet 1, Tweet 2, Story (Used on web page and in live broadcast video)

NBC – Tweet, Story (Used in live broadcast video)

CBS – Tweet (Conversation mostly through Direct Messages)

WGN – Tweet, Story (Used in video)

89 WLS – Tweet

Telemundo – Tweet