What Was Once Great, The Tale of RIM

A couple weeks ago BGR posted a letter from a RIM senior level employee. While it was not total shock to see the content it was interesting to see someone within RIM step up and admit they were in trouble. It was not long ago that Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, stepped up and admitted that Nokia was on a burning platform and that something had to change. While most people were running away from Nokia the leadership stepped up and came up with a plan to turn the company around. While we can see Nokia’s plan in action no one can see anything but scared executives in the RIM camp.

RIM was the heavyweight in the smartphone business. The only possible competitor’s they had were Palm OS and Windows Mobile, both of which were no where near the quality of BlackBerry OS. But then in 2007 Apple changed the entire smartphone business with the release of the iPhone and since then every other smartphone manufacture and platform has been playing catch up, except for RIM. They seemed to think that the enterprise crowd, which they had locked up for years, would keep their company afloat and just seemed to ignore the consumer market. The one thing that RIM and BlackBerry user’s kept holding on to was BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, but now with Apple’s iOS5 and it’s iMessage feature it’s just about time for RIM to throw in the towel.

RIM has never been able to match Android in feature set or Apple in product design. Even if they make a killer piece of hardware I can’t see consumer’s leaving their Droid’s or iPhone’s for the RIM platform.