Get Launchpad Under Control

Seems like this is just becoming a dumping ground for good applications but I am sure some people won’t mind.

If you upgraded your Mac to OS X 10.7 Lion then you get the new functionality of Launchpad which pretty much turns your Mac Finder into iOS’ springboard. The problem is that Launchpad grabs every application you have installed and shows it. This includes utilities, uninstall programs, etc. which you really don’t want to see there. Adobe CS5 is the worse offender taking up one whole screen with all the applications it has installed.

But here to save the day is Launchpad-Control. By adding a simple preference pane you now can control what apps, and groups, show up in Launchpad. I have been using it and I think it makes using Launchpad much more enjoyable.

Ninja Edit (11/15/2016): Launchpad-Control no longer exists so the URL to it has been removed