My iPhone 6 Buying Experience

My iPhone 6 Buying Experience

Usually I don’t write about things like this but after seeing some horror stories on other sites I figured I would chime in.

Along with most of the Internet I watched the Apple keynote address announcing the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Not a lot in surprises being that most of it was leaked but it was presented in a nice, neat little demo package. Right away I said to myself, not going to pre-order either of these. I needed to get them both in my hands in order to make an informed decision.

Pre-order day comes and of course everything comes crashing down while most people were fast asleep. Reports start coming out that supply is going to be limited so lines start at Apple stores up to 1 week before launch day. At this point I say screw it, Il just wait for the second batch of shipments after I play with it.

Now it’s launch day (as well as my first day of unemployment) and around noon I decide to venture out to my local Best Buy. There was no way I was going to get close to an Apple Store today and I figured it would be an easy way to play around with the new hardware for a few minutes. I pull up, walk in and find no line. Anywhere. I see both new devices sitting on a display stand with no one near them. Weird.

After a few minutes of playing with the 6 and 6 Plus a Best Buy employee walks up to me seeing if I have any questions. On a whim I say “Do you have any new iPhone’s in stock?”. Without even thinking about it he said “Of course, what specific one were you looking for?”.

“6, 64GB, Space Grey, AT&T?”.

“Yep! One left.”

10 minutes later I walked out with a brand new phone. I’m not saying that this was the experience for everyone going to a Best Buy around the country, in fact my local store didn’t get a single 6 Plus. But it was nice to go around the lines and still have an enjoyable experience when getting a new device.