PromoteJS - Better JavaScript Documentation for All!

Currently I write more JavaScript then anything else and I love it. It’s a crazy language but the possibilities are endless, that is as long as you have a decent set of documentation to use. Usually Google is a great source but most of the time this points you back to W3Schools. While W3S is a great place to start it just doesn’t offer the amount of detail that developers come to expect. Take a look at MSDN or any Java Documentation and then pull up a W3S JavaScript page and prepare to be disappointed.

Enter PromoteJS and the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN). They are trying to promote full fledged developer documentation for JavaScript and get it to the top of the search engine result lists. Just spend a few minutes clicking around on the MDN site and you can see that this is a great campaign. Their documentation is top notch and should make web developer’s, heck any developer’s, life easier when trying to find out the details of just about anything in the JavaScript language.

MDN JavaScript Index

Ninja Edit (11/15/2016): Seems like the PromoteJS website does not exist anymore so the link to it has been removed.